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Technology Mix is looking for talented, creative, smart and dedicated people. If you’re interested in applying for a position at Technology Mix, email your resume to

Sales Representative
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Take your sales skills to the next level with unlimited earning potential.  You will be providing real estate solutions to real estate companies, franchises, brokers and agents.  We are looking for sales reps who know how to close.  You must know how to follow-up on leads, build a robust sales pipeline, perform online product demo, and close the deal.

The ideal candidate is one who has a passion for selling and a demonstrated record of prospecting, closing and growing new business. You must be comfortable making cold calls and following-up on leads. You must be energetic, articulate, eager, ambitious and have experience with selling over the phone and conducting online demos.  Knowledge of the real estate industry is not required, but it would be helpful.

– Must know how to prospect for new business and close the deal
– Detail-oriented, impeccable follow-through, and competitive nature
– Good phone presence
– Excellent Written/Verbal Communication Skills
– Proficient use of the Internet
– Positive can-do attitude with the motivation to achieve sales goals

Requirements and Compensation
– At least 1 year of online software sales
– Must have phone, computer, and internet connection
– Product training is required and provided
– Compensation includes commission and residual

Social Media Strategist
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We are looking for a person that knows how to use social media to get product exposure.

We are looking for someone that is good at tweeting, posting info on FaceBook, LinkedIn and other social media websites.  You will be responsible for posting and updating content, and you will locate new social media and web directories to post our content.

Information will need to be posted in a timely manner on the different platforms, as to coincide with our marketing campaigns. 

You will locate addition social media websites and web directories that is a good match for Technology Mix’s products and services.  You will also review these social media locations to alert us to comments and situation that require our further attention.

Requirements and Compensation
– Experience with Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, YouTube
– Must be Internet search savvy -social media platforms & web directories
– Must have excellent English and grammar skills
– Must have excellent oral and written communication skills
– Must have phone, computer, and internet connection
– This is a contract position.  Compensation is based on experience

Software Developer
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Put your analysis, design and coding skills to good use.  You must be able to analyze existing code to determine where and how to make changes; design and implement new features; design features based on clients recommendations, document your code, and communicate clearly.

Our software products are web-based applications running in a Linux environment.  You must be an experienced internet-based software application developer with knowledge of security, software as a service (SaasS), web browsing technology, and data structures.

– Must know how to analyze existing code and make changes
– Create and update design specifications
– Perform data analysis
– Turn client suggestion into working product features
– Communicate verbal and written
– Write documentation 

Requirements and Compensation
– At least 2 years of PHP & MySQL programming in Linux environment
– Must know Html, FPDF, cURL, Perl, Linux
– Must have good written and oral communication skills
– Must document all programs (code will be checked for documentation)
– Must have phone, computer, and internet connection
– This is a contract position.  Compensation is based on experience

Systems Administrator
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We want someone who knows their stuff when it comes to managing a Linux systems environment that includes application, web, mail, and databases.  You must be proficient in Linux with the ability to communicate in non-techie terms.

We are looking for an experienced systems support person to manage our Linux systems environment.  The idea candidate is one who is quite familiar with Linux system commands, system monitoring, software upgrades, and system security.

You must be very comfortable with checking log files for system and security issues; evaluating and optimizing hard drive performance; performing software updates, software installation, and data backup & restore.

You must have good oral and written communication skills, be able to update system documentation, and provide instructional training to others.

– Must have experience working in a Linux environment
– Must be comfortable with Linux system commands
– Must know how to install / setup new servers with Centos – LAMPS
– Must be able to troubleshoot and resolve system problems
– Must know how to perform hardware analysis, hard drive diagnosis
– Must have excellent oral and written communication skills 

Requirements and Compensation
– At least 3 years Linux system management experience
– Must know Centos, Apache, Postfix, MySQL, Cron, FTP, MyDNS
– Must know how to perform system monitoring & maintenance
– Must know how to upgrade Linux operating system and programs
– Must know Linux system commands and script programming
– Must have phone, computer, and internet connection
– This is a contract position.  Compensation is based on experience