Technology Mix, Inc. was founded in 1996.

We started with offering technical support and consulting services to small businesses and have since grown to developing and providing our Realty Broker Office software to real estate companies, brokers, agents and franchises across the United States.

During our growth period we provided and array of services to a cross section of clients and industries.

We have implemented thousands of technology solutions for many public and private sector businesses, and our technology solutions have had a profound impact in improving businesses performances.  Over time we have achieved performance improvements by as much as fifty percent (50%), and cost savings or clients in the millions of dollars.

With our success in the Real Estate industry, where we started with an idea and now have a product that is being used throughout the United States, we want to help other companies by sharing our knowledge and expertise.

With our consulting services, we are able to utilize our vast knowledge and expertise to help businesses, corporations and government agencies analyze business needs, improve processes & performance, and perform technology due diligence (getting the most bang for each technology dollar).

Our success in creating real estate software technology for the real estate industry, has been carried forward and is also used by other businesses and agencies looking to have even greater success with their businesses.


We encourage you to contact us about
– implementing Realty Broker Office for your real estate business and franchise

– using our expertise to make your projects and agency successful